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Woodside Homes

Woodside Homes became the 3rd largest private homebuilder in the United States with annual revenues reaching $1.4 billion.  After successfully completing nearly 35,000 homes with operations in 46 markets nationwide, the company was repositioned in 2010 and later acquired by Japan's Sekisui House in 2017.  Woodside continues to build quality homes in the Southwestern U.S.

Cayenne Medical

Cayenne Medical is a leader in the development of orthopedic medical devices for the knee and shoulder with a focus on devices that offer post-operative strength, agility and performance benefits for active patients.  During 2016, Cayenne Medical was acquired by Zimmer Biomet.

Avenu Logo.png
Avenu Medical

Founded in 2010, Avenu Medical developed the Ellipsys Vascular Access System - an innovative, image-guided, single catheter system used to percutaneously create an arteriovenous fistula for hemodialysis access.  During 2020, Avenu Medical was acquired by Medtronic.

Tepha Medical Devices

As a medical materials manufacturer, Tepha’s biosynthetically produced materials offer superior performance in flexibility, elasticity, and biocompatibility.  Core products include monofilament sutures, monofilament mesh, surgical film, and composite mesh products.  In 2021, Tepha was acquired by BD (Becton Dickinson). 

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